1997. The year of the Spice Girls, Friends, and Titanic...or if you're Mr. Skin, the year of Boogie Nights, Private Parts, and...uh...Titanic. Join Mr. Skin as we turn back the clock 15 years and relive the mammaries (and muff, and mudflaps) of the year that was 1997:

Jamie Pressly kicks things off with some SKINcredible T&A getting into the tub and pouring champagne on her jugs in Poison Ivy 3,

followed by the most famous scene in Kate Winslet's incredible body of work- posing for a nude portrait in the blockbuster flick Titanic.

Next we've got a double dose of Dirk Diggler as Heather Graham goes full-frontal in her famous "Rollergirl" scene and Juliasnne Moore bares adorable rosy-tipped rack age in Boogie Nights.

Then Charlize Theron loses her marbles- and her clothes- going full frontal in a church before Connie Nielsen bares every inch of her gorgeous redhead bod in a SKINcestual scene from The Devil's Advocate (1997).

After that, Helena Bonham Carter shows off boobs, butt and even furry bush in a nice long sex scene from The Wings of the Dove,

Andrea Thompson bares tits and grass going full frontal outdoors in the neo-noir A Gun, A Car, A Blonde,

Angie Harmon lets her right tit hang free screwing Sam Rockwell as a young Mischa Barton spies on them in Lawn Dogs,

a pre-reality TV Anna Nicole Smith takes a tit-tastic shower at the height of her hotness in Skyscraper,

and Jessica Hecht is hotter than Hecht demonstrating naked aerobics with another full-frontal babe (and an equally naked dude) in Anarchy TV.

Then Emily Proctor flashes her perfect pair for a perky doc in Breast Men,

Rosie Perez lets her left tit and ripe rear cheeks pop out as she lustily fumbles with Javier Bardem out in the desert in Dance with the Devil,

and we've got a great pair of scorching Sapphic scenes as a bear-breasted Karen Silias succumbs to Tilda Swinton's advances and Marica Cross draws a circle around her upturned tit in Female Perversions.

Next, Patricia Arquette busts out those big ol' Argquette apples as she's forced to strip at gunpoint in Lost Highway,

Kari Wuhrer exposes her ripe, round tits, neatly trimmed bush, and SKINcredible rear view posing nude for a portrait in Luscious,

Penelope Cruz whispers seductively in Spanish as she lets her legendary lacto-bombs hang out in Open Your Eyes,

Dina Mayer takes off her shirt to expose petite teats and a well-muscled bod in a co-ed shower scene from Starship Troopers,

Jenna Jameson loses her panties for porn star pontoons, pooper, and bald poon as "the first naked lady on radio" in Private Parts,

and finally Rena Riffel doffs her top so David Schwimmer can make a plaster cast of her adorable rack in Breast Men.